10th Bike Lovers Contest 2018
April 6 – 8, Urban Bike Festival Zurich


The beauty contest for unique bicycles presents in its jubilee issuebikes for and from women - from graceful to race tool.


How does a bike get ladies' likes?
Pink tones and floral graphics? Our participants from Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland explore the topic more deeply. In this competition of emotions, the „women's bicycles" which participate want to win the hearts of the jury and the audience, and they are trying to do so with complexity, extravagance or subtlety.

Classical themes are raised to a new level with careful craftsmanship or are reinterpreted with a twist. Low-maintenance features are incorporated and gender-specific ergonomics are put into perspective by individual fitting. The results of the creators are surprising:  With its chunky plus tires, "Ragnarök" brings the doom of the gods upon the trail. The eccentric "Marquise de Pompadour" outwits physics. A work vehicle made of plum wood and the toddler's balance bike on sack truck fat tires mess up the common categories completely. Our LADY LIKES leave out Clichés – and excel the expectations!



Special exhibition "LADY LIKE" concept designs
It is a declared goal of the Bike Lovers Contest association to enrich the discussion about bicycles as a cultural asset. On the occasion of the anniversary, the exhibition of the contestants will be extended by a special exhibition realized in cooperation with the Zurich University of the Arts: students of the Department Design will speculate about the specific cycling needs of popular/fictitious women and create LADY LIKE Bikes for them. The results are presented as 3D printed concept designs. We are curious to take a glimpse beyond the horizon of today's women’s bicycles!


The creations of the contestants and the students can be seen in the entrance hall of the Schiffbau during the Urban Bike Festival from April 6-8; guided tours on Saturday and Sunday. Until Sunday, 2 pm you can vote for your favourite bike in the VELOPLUS Audience Award. At the awarding ceremony the coveted BLC trophies in gold, silver and bronze will be presented together with material prizes and the Audience Award.

BLC agenda Urban Bike Festival

Friday, 6.4.
16:00 – 21:00 Exhibition– Schiffbau entrance hall
16:00 – 19:00 Photo-shooting

Saturday, 7.4.
11:00 – 19:00 Exhibition– Schiffbau entrance hall
13:00 & 16:30 Guided tours

Sunday, 8.4.
11:00 – 18:00 Exhibition– Schiffbau entrance hall
12:30 Guided tour
17:00 Awarding ceremony at the lounge


Urban Bike Festival  Schiffbauhalle Zurich, April 6–8, 2018