Bike made from carbon and 3D-print wins the 11th BLC 2019

The winners are chosen. The jury – formed by Beat Baumgartner (framebuilder, athlete, devoloper of the smart speedometer watch MOSKITO), Jörg Boner (product designer for various famed furniture and luminaire labels), Franziska Gnos (jewelry designer and longtime CAD lecturer) and presided by Martin Schütz (bike developer and BLC president) – considered the entries and took the decisions:

The first prize of the jury goes to Ralf Holleis' "VRZ 2". It combines new design and production methods in one holistic approach. On his track frame, he glued custom-made carbon fiber tubes to 3D printed titanium lugs whose structure "grew" through topology optimization on the computer. In the "VRZ 2", tradition and novelty meet: algorithmic optimization and baroque ornamentation; 3D print and elaborate finishing by hand.

Ralf's VRZ 2 is not only light, beautiful and fascinating; it is also an impulse in the current process of developing new approaches to framebuilding.

VeloPlus Audience Prize:
The audience's favorite was once again a wooden bike: Christian Kunz' gravel bike won over our audience with its elegantly striped, slender frame made from dark and fair wood. The whole frame was made entirely by hand - a statement to craft in itself

The other awardees:
The silver BLC trophy goes to Mathias Scherer's "Jan" - a titanium allroad bike personalized throughout. Craft is represented by the integral concept to manufacture everything himself. Turning, milling, bending, welding for intricate solutions where no bolt and no cable stays visible. 2.0 is the service Mathias is providing to his customer: a custom made bike as a truly unique piece of art.

Martin Schlimbach's "Elwood" gets the bronze price of the jury. In his e-bike, the voluminous, CNC-milled wooden frame and the dimensions of the drive unit harmonize perfectly. A walnut tree from a garden close to Martin's home, uprooted by a storm in 2017, becomes a sustainable mode of transportation with a beautiful surface. This bike exudes calmness and composure in the fast-paced world of pedelecs.

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