Crazy LADY LIKE bikes

The designs of the students captivate the audience

"Design and build a bicycle for a female character from popular culture and go through a digital process from VR-sketch to 3D-print." This was the task for sixteen students of the Zurich University of the Arts from the fields of Industrial Design, Interaction Design and Scientific Visualization. They sketched in virtual reality, they designed and tinkered with digital tools. Their bike designs were manufactured as high resolution 3D prints and exhibited at our special show. Everyone was tantalized by the wild bunch of characters: From the Na'vi Neytiri from “Avatar” to scientist Marie Curie, from cartoon character Princess Bubblegum to hip-hop star Missy Elliot. The bouquet of designs is correspondingly colorful and covers a wide range of styles, from skeletal-gothic to a manga-esque futurism.