11th BLC "Handwerk 2.0: CRAFT RELOADED" – Contestants fixed

VRZ 2  Ralf Holleis

VRZ 2 Ralf Holleis

For the eleventh BLC, twelve bikes strive to reload the craft of framebuilding.

We have closed the call for entries:

Our participants from Germany and Switzerland redefine contemporary bicycle craftsmanship. The contest features bikes of various approaches: laser-cut Inox-tubes combined with carbon, 3D-printed lugs with mesh structure, E-powered wood or even raw steel with unadorned brazing.

“CRAFT RELOADED” shows the opportunities of individual planning and the potential of building customs by progressive methods; manufacturing what the industry doesn’t dare and seizing freshly on traditional techniques.

We can't wait to see these bikes in front of us.

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