9. BLC 2017: «NOBLESSE OBLIGE» – Call for Entries

Under the motto «NOBLESSE OBLIGE» the 9th BLC 2017 is looking for the noblest classy cycle.

It shines like a diamond, it’s forged from Damascus steel and it fills its owner with pride, no matter if she’s roaming the world or he is simply getting groceries with it.

Just using expensive components won’t get one very far though. The Awards will go to those showpieces where the interpretation of„classy“ is borne by creativity and passion, with surprising purpose and material choice. A particular focus is on the overall concept and its core element that connects and supports everything – the frame.

Invited are frame builders and tinkerers from all over Europe, professionals and enthusiasts alike.

call for entries

The exhibition and the awarding of the finalists’ bikes take place on April 7. – 9. 2017 at the Urban Bike Festival in Zurich.