11th Bike Lovers Contest 2019
March 29-31, Urban Bike Festival Zurich


Call for entries text

The bike industry establishes the standards for today‘s top bicycle frames by incorporating hydroforming or sophisticated carbon lay-ups; features from portability to suspension are integrated directly into the design.
Is romantic tradition the only chance for builders of individual custom bikes to make a stand against this seeming superiority of the industry?

Show us new interpretations of the art of bicycle building that reach a new level by taking advantage of contemporary possibilities: Bikes of all kind, accomplished by true „CRAFT RELOADED“.

Do you build individual customs by progressive methods; do you seize freshly on mothballed historical techniques or do you achieve something, the industry doesn‘t get done? What is your approach for „CRAFT RELOADED“? Is it a frame design, whose complexity must be tackled by 3D-CAD; is it a delicate lasered structure; a compound of natural materials; a 3D printed lattice or a self-knitted carbon frame? Is it handwrought hydraulic brakes; the self-soldered e-bike circuits or a full integration of components, that a modular standard bike won‘t be able to offer?

Here, a high-tech groupset on a standard frame won‘t do. The opportunities of individual planning and crafting should be seized and exceed pragmatically joined metal tubes and off-the-shelf parts. The focus of the contest is on the coherent conjunction of the manufacturing and the bicycle concept including the element that connects it all – the frame.

For the BLC 2019 creatives, developers, frame builders and tinkerers from all Europe are invited. We are looking forward to the next level of bicycle craftsmanship.


  • Submit a dossier of your project as a PDF to and fill in the online form until February 20, 2019.

  • Selection of the finalists through the BLC organising committee

  • Exhibition of the finalists’ bikes at the Urban Bike Festival Zurich

  • Professional photoshooting

  • Judging and awarding by an expert jury, audience award

  • Gallery and Online presence on various channels



  • The vehicle is made by craft on the next level: What this implies, we want you to convince us!

  • The vehicle has to be human powered, although an additional drive is allowed

  • Number of wheels, wheel size, gears and frame material: free

  • The vehicle is a single piece or part of a small series up to 5 pieces

  • The vehicle was hand-built in Europe within the last three years

  • The builder is personally present at the BLC 2019

The number of finalists is limited. The Bike Lovers Contest organising committee chooses the finalists from the applications.


jury criteria

What counts most is the soul of the bicycle

  • The key factor is the overall composition of the bicycle, consisting of the compound of frame and attached parts. Craftsmanship, emotion, innovation and aesthetics are in the focus.

  • Convincing overall concept

  • Good match and balance of the “frame” and the components installed.

  • Unique, convincing and surprising building solutions

  • Material use, handling of the material, finish

  • Outstanding quality of craftsmanship and design


Details on the event

Bike Lovers Contest award

  • Jury prize: Gold, silver, bronze

  • Audience prize

  • Awards in goods


  • The finalists will be exhibited publicly at the Urban Bike Festival for three days from 29th to 31st of March 2019

  • The Urban Bike Festival is held in Zurich, it’s currently Switzerland’s second largest bicycle event, attracting more than 20’000 visitors


  • Application: from November 2018

  • Application deadline: February 20, 2019

  • Announcement of the finalists: from Fabruary 25. 2019

  • The BLC 2019 will take place from March 29 – 31, 2019

  • Details on the course of the event will be communicated in advance via email



The application contains the following two elements:

  • Short documentation of the project

    • Project description

    • Images, sketches (minimum size height/width: 800 pixels)

    • Introduction of the person, previous projects

  • Online application form

The number of participants is limited. The Bike Lovers Contest organising committee chooses the finalists from the applications.

By sending your images, you agree that the BLC has the right to use the images to advertise the

Conditions of participation:

  • The object meets the criteria for participation

  • The application (online form, documentation) has been received by the BLC by the 20th of February 2019

  • The participant has been elected as finalist

  • The participant is present at the BLC from March 29 – 31, 2019


  • Application: free

  • Participation fee for finalists: 100.- € / 115.- CHF.

  • Reduced participation fee for members of the Bike Lovers Contest association. INFO...


We are keen to hear about your plans also before your application!

Let’s discuss your project, give us a call on: +41 77 464 57 34

Or write an email at: