2014: 7th BLC at the Teilchenbeschleuniger, Zurich

Illustration & Grafik: Res Zinniker, Illustres.ch

For the first time in its history, the Bike Lovers Contest went past the Swiss border: At the 2014 holding, also frame builders from neighbor countries and entire Europe were invited to present their handicraft and to have a friendly competition with colleagues.


The most beautiful off-road sports bicycle "Handmade in Europe"


A bicycle that is fun to ride in the outdoors.

Criteria of the Jury:

  • Convincing overall concept which comes up to the expectations of an off-road sports bicycle.
  • Unique, convincing and surprising solutions, setting the creation apart from the mainstream.
  • Outstanding quality of craftsmanship and design

Winners 2014

Gold: Rastifari

Winner Daniel Pleikies with Rastifari (Fotos: Billy Bühler)

BLC Gold 2015

Daniel Pleikies, Berlin / D

Model: Rastifari
Desication: expedition-bike
Construction method: titan, TIG welded
Website: www.wheeldan.de

A look that calls for attention immediately – an extremely elaborate titanium bike, thought out to the last detail. The prototype of an off-road bicycle, which seems to be the origin of these bikes, though still appears modern and fresh. Thanks to its huge 3.8” tires, can be employed in many situations off-road and will probably still survive even the fittest rider. Superior craftsmanship and processing quality, very independent – first prize and victory of the BLC 2014!

Silver: Bikecross

Bernhard Leu with Bikecross (Fotos: Billy Bühler)

Bernhard Leu, Münsingen / CH

Model: Bikecross
Dedication: MTB-crossbike-hybrid
Construction Method: steel, fillet brazed
Website: www.manofacto.ch

The ultimate combination of bike and crosser, very finely crafted, discreet in its appearance but still unique. A bike that begs to be ridden, it seems to say “get on, we’re going, off-road fun is right around the corner!” The “Bikecross” with its massive steel frame seems fast, reliable and capable for off-road at the same time. The parts were chosen with cost in mind, even though concept and frame would be suitable for more expensive components – second place BLC 2014!

Bronze: NICO

Mathias Scherer with Nico (Fotos: Billy Bühler)

Mathias Scherer, Kleinblittersdorf / D

Model: Nico
Dedication: marathon MTB
Construction mehod: titan, TIG welded
Website: www.mawis-bikes.com

Sporty, elegant, reduced to the necessary. Exactly as an allround Mountainbike that is perfect for long rides and lots of climbing as well as fast trails that require constant pedaling.
Nico seems fast and relaxed at the same time, enjoyable to look at and to ride. Extremely clean welded Frame with simple, coherent graphics, perfectly equipped, very convincing overall impression – third place BLC 2014!

Audience Prize: R3R

Michi Zeller with the Witchbroom R3R (Fotos: Billy Bühler)

BLC Publikumspreis

Michi Zeller, Wetzikon / CH

Model: R3R
Dedication: big mountain / freeride MTB
Construction Method: steel, TIG welded
Website: www.witchbroom.ch

The audience has a clear winner – Michi Zeller with R3R, a Freeride-Bike made from 0.6mm thin steel sheets in incredibly intricate work. Thanks to its kinematics, it can be easily pedaled uphill.



Framebuilder's Prize: Olive

Steff Zehnder with Olive (Fotos: Billy Bühler)


Steff Zehnder, KRIENS / CH

Model: Olive
Dedication: marathon MTB
Construction Method: steel, fillet-brazed
Website: www.velociped.ch

This year marks the first time when the participating framebuilders could select their favorite amongst themselves. The winner was Steff Zehnder with “Olive”, an extremely clean and intricate fillet-brazed steel frame. A perfect classic XC-Race-Hardtail.


Honorable Mention Newcomer: Carbonara

Michel Tubée with Carbonara (Fotos: Billy Bühler)


Michel Tubée, KRIENS / CH

Model: Carbonara
Desication: race MTB
Construction Method: carbon + steel, fillet brazed
Website: www.velociped.ch

His direction is immediately clear: a classic, fast XC bike, seemingly based on the early nineties, but made by the youngest participant at the BLC 2014. A mix of steel and carbon, perfectly balanced – best newcomer BLC 2014!


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