2013: 6th BLC at the Teilchenbeschleuniger, Zurich

Illustration & Grafik: Res Zinniker, Illustres.ch

Bike and the City!

13 participants showed their bikes „handmade in Switzerland“. On the stage of the “Rote Fabrik” stood the most beautiful urban bikes that were made in Switzerland during the last three years. The winner, “Amatör” by Nico Spinelli, Zürich, was completed at 2 AM the night before the exhibition… the test drive was the ride to the competition!


Winners 2013

Gold: Amatör

Winner bike Amatör (Foto: Billy Braun)

BLC Gold 2015

Nico Spinelli, Zurich

Model: Amatör
Dedication: city-bike with tour-DNA
Construction method: steel, lugged

The only bike that shows new ways regarding form and details. A modern interpretation of the classic lugs.
- A new approach to lugs
- Frame seems very modern even though made with traditional technique
- Multi-color paint
- Beautiful detail solutions for attaching fenders and lights
- Handmade rack
- Rohloff-gearhub, Gates belt drive, hub generater


Silver: Röbi Stolz

Röbi Stolz - a classic (Foto: Billy Braun)

Fahrradbau Robert Stolz, Zurich

Model: Röbi Stolz
Dedication: classic men's bicycle
Construction Method: steel, lugged
Website: www.fahrradbaustolz.ch

An aggregation of craftsmanship (execution), experience (details), open-mindedness for better technical solutions (disc brakes, tuned front light) and a fresh look at the topic of “urban cycle” (integrated watch). A bike that is nondescript at first glance, but perfect for its task.

- Disc brakes
- Retro light housing with modern LED internals
- Integrated LED backlight in fender
- High craftsmanship and plenty of elegant details
- All wires and cables routed internally
- Custom-made rack
- Watch integrated in stem
- Bike shows the long-time experience of the framebuilder

Bronze: Pick-Up

Pick-Up (Foto: Billy Braun)

Wim Kolb, Zurich

Model: Pick-Up
Dedication: city-bike with talent to transport
Construction method: steel, fillet brazed
Website: www.kolb-rahmenbau.ch

The „pick-up“ deviates from mainstream and still seems familiar. This is due to the formal quality of the frame and the combination of steel and wood. The bike seems solid and practical and wants to be taken to a shopping trip to town!

- Integrated front rack with big cargo space
- Harmonious color concept
- Integrated front light
- Wooden rear fender
- Integrated “glovebox”, a homage to the “pistol box” on old swiss military bikes

Audience prize: Seta

Favorite of the audience: Seta (Source: www.velostatt.ch)

BLC Publikumspreis

Mani Grau & Beat Baumgartner, Berne

Model: Seta
Dedication: classy city-bike
Construction Method: stainless steel, fillet brazed
Website: www.velostatt.ch, www.bedovelo.ch

The „Seta“ celebrates material and craftsmanship in a beautiful way. A luxurious object, detached from pure reason. It doesn’t just want to be ridden, but also owned and marveled at…

- Made from stainless steel, including fenders and rack
- Light weight even with lights and fenders: 10 kg
- Fillet brazed stainless steel tubes show craftsmanship of the builder
- Internally routed cables