10th BLC 2018: LADY LIKE

Bikes for and from women -
from graceful to race tool

How does a bike get ladies' likes?
Pink tones and floral graphics? Our participants from Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland explored the topic more deeply. In this competition of emotions, the participating women's bicycles won over the hearts of the jury and the audience by complexity, extravagance or subtlety.

Classical themes were raised to a new level with careful craftsmanship or are reinterpreted with a twist. Low-maintenance features were incorporated and gender-specific ergonomics put into perspective by individual fitting. And – as every year – some entries were surprising approaches to the topic:  Chunky plus tires bring the doom of the gods upon the trail. An eccentric design outwits physics. A work vehicle made of plum wood and the toddler's balance bike on sack truck fat tires messed up the common categories completely. Our LADY LIKES challenge and omit clichés – and excel the expectations!

From April 6 – 8, the exhibited treasures of handcrafted framebuilding welcomed the over 20'000 visitors of the Urban Bike Festival in the entrance hall of the "Schiffbau" in Zurich.


Winners 2018

Gold: Audrey Reloaded

Winner Stefan Süess with Audrey Reloaded (Foto: module+)

BLC Gold 2015

Stefan Süess, Zürich / CH

Model: Audrey Reloaded
Dedication: Everyday's bike
Construction method: Steel, fillet brazed

The Gold Trophy goes to Stefan Süess with his "Audrey Reloaded". Built for his wife, it follows the icon of the classical women's bicycle, but lifted to a new level with subtle details. Not spectacular but simply beautiful. As an amateur, he dared to master the most prestigious discipline in frame building: fillet brazing. And it paid off, if you ever saw the bike's owner being all smiles.

Silver: Frigg

Patrik Widmer with Frigg (Foto: module+)

Patrik Widmer, Biel / CH

Model: Frigg
Dedication: Commuter / Tourer
Construction method: Steel, fillet brazed
Website: www.47grad-nord.ch

Patrik Widmer (Silver), last year's Bronze awardee, fetches the jury by love at second sight. The robustly shaped "Frigg" with frame integrated Pinion gear wins over with subtle, elaborate solutions, whose beauty can be discovered on a closer look.

Bronze: Kathleen's Fleur de Lys

Wim Kolb with Kathleen's Fleur de Lys (Foto: module+)

Wim Kolb, Zürich / CH

Model: Kathleen's Fleur de Lys
Dedication: Racer
Construction method: Steel, brazed lugs
Website: www.kolb-rahmenbau.ch

Wim Kolb's (Bronze) everyday racer "Kathleen's Fleur de Lys" evokes the question, if there is such a thing as a man's or woman's bike or just a person's needs. In this case, a custom tailored classic frame with ornamental, polished lugs and an intricate paint job.

Audience prize: Alice

Martin Schlimbach and Silke Alice Musal with Alice (Foto: module+)

BLC Publikumspreis

Martin Schlimbach + Silke Alice Musal, Pohlheim / D

Model: Alice
Dedication: Urban for profession and leisure
Construction method: Plum wood, layer-bonded, hollow milled
Website: www.woodbike46.de

The audience awarded "Alice" by Martin Schlimbach and Silke Alice Musal. A bicycle, crafted from plum wood. The rider, a midwife, is acting responsibly to society and environment and decided to do her job by bike from now on – a sustainable and smooth ride. Material, details and craft enthused the public.


Other participants